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terms and conditions

Terms of Service – when an exchange is made for online processes, courses, services, etc.

Disclaimers – preemptive settling of disputes in the arena of unrealistic expectations
We always encourage to have at least a Privacy Policy posted. It is not only legally required as a document disclosing your practices of guarding and protecting personal information as you collect it, but it’s also great way to show potential customers/buyers that you can be fully trusted. Lastly, it’s a way of showing that you have procedures in place to handle their personal information with care.

If you weren’t collecting emails or private info, you wouldn’t need to worry about it. Just FYI – The Terms of Service or Conditions and or Disclaimers are not required by law, but… It provides a legal basis for the site’s relationship with its users and is considered a contract in a court of law. So it just reinforces your safety, and we care about that for you